Saving For All Seasons (Part 2)

Rain drops today are a mere trickle but left long enough, a force that can not be stopped. That’s what your savings can do for you

Do I talk about savings too much? May be, but its my first word of personal finance and the first in what I call ‘The Financial Trinity’, which I will share with you soon.

In part 1 of this post, I talked about the timeless importance of saving, which cuts across every point in our lives, whether young, middle aged or old. Savings is one personal finance tip you can do in little and in plenty and it fits in nicely with your long term plans.

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What we say vs. What we do


Ava:                “I have a blog”

Friend:           “Oh! That’s nice! Is it a Gossip Blog?”

Ava:                “No” (with a shocked look)

Friend:           “Is it a fashion blog?”

Ava:                “No, it’s a personal finance and lifestyle blog”


Friend:           Oh! That’s good. I really need to work on my finances. What’s your blog name?”

Ava:                Oh cool! Well done! The first step is usually to realize there’s a problem and to work on  it. Blog is …. I have written quite a bit on saving, investing and some other lifestyle issues that affect millennials. Do check it out, I will appreciate your thoughts on it and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Friend:           “Okay. Thanks. Will do” (doesn’t “find” time to check it).


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The Allure of Ponzi Schemes

There is one known flaw of the human race:

We don’t learn from our mistakes.

Like a moth to a flame, we keep going back and falling for the same or similar things.

I decided to write this post due to a sense of urgency this topic necessitates, particularly in view of current economic realities in Nigeria.


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The Things I Ponder, Vol. II

“I could go no further, think no deeper but yet will I remember all before and around me…a transition through life as sure as death.”

Things i ponder 2 - cycle

Once again, I have pondered on the vagaries of life, the quirks, habits and ruminations that make us human.

This is the second volume of the Things I ponder, you may wish to read the first here. They  are merely a collection of my observations and experiences. It is fascinating how we learn a little more, see a bit clearer and understand better when we open ourselves to the opportunities before us and not take life too seriously (I try really really hard…so hard).

These may be nuggets of wisdom to some, a blatant lie to others or just Ava’s reality. Whatever it may be. I do hope you consider these and share yours too.

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Challenge Accepted!

Challenge accepted! (In my best Barney Stinson voice)


Are you concerned about how your year has been? Do you feel you could have done more, achieved more?

Is it particularly glaring when you see that those around you seem to be in a constant place of progress while you remain stagnant?

Well, I have something for you today. A challenge, you may say! Read on…

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Ava’s September Challenge


Challenge. One word that puts fear in the hearts of many and excites a few. Well today, I have chosen to be amongst the few that are excited about impending challenges.

Have I set myself for failure? Possibly! But it never hurts to not only try but do.

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.”

Arnold Palmer

The set of challenges for September are *drumroll*:

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How to Grow Your Income: Quick Wins

I’m so excited to share this new series with you on how to grow your income. The series will focus on the many ways you can grow your money, which will include a look at passive income, side businesses, investments and untapped opportunities within your career and work.

When it comes to money there are three principal things I believe in: Save, Invest and Give otherwise called the “Financial Trinity“. Embedded in these three areas is your ability to grow your income and prospects.

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